Smartly designed for your comfort

Vaultech is a firm like few others, we bring our knowledge of human factors and ergonomics, audio-visual, system integration, automation and control, security and safety, aesthetic lighting and integrating into creative, user-focused design and implementation. Our Multidiscipline capabilities and creative drive allows us to provide innovative and comprehensive service. We are primarily in the domain of Domotics of IP with focus for design for industrial BMS and automation designs, Infrastructure electrical and networking. We cover the entire technology realm to design, build and support innovative systems, structures and solutions that enhances the user experiences

Simplicity, that’s where the solution comes on to the scene. You can have all your systems, but we will connect them all together in a very simple and highly reliable way: System integration or Domotics | Home Automation. The result: instead of walking in the house to click hundreds of buttons and switches and knobs... you get a simple and nicely designed wall panel and you click only one button.

Click on 'morning' or 'night ' or 'leaving the house'... and just relax, forget about the rest. Use your time for more useful activities. We bring easy to use, comfortable and security oriented solutions.

Automation Solutions(Domotics)

Our aim is the improve comfort where it is needed the most, at home.
But we also have solutions for hotels, project development and company buildings.

Find out what you can integrate with the support of our system:
  • Lighting including full control, power sockets.
  • Curtains, sun blinds, shutters, gates.
  • Access control, security.
  • Temperature control: heating, cooling and ventilation.
  • Audio, video, TV, home theater.
  • Communication (door phone, cell phone , PC, internet).
  • Gardening sprinklers, fountains.
  • ...and more.
Electrical & Networking Solutions

VSA firmly place technology edge, scalability, reliability, performance and security as the foundation for every solution or service that company provide. The approach is to provide meaningful technology solutions through a consultative model that addresses business and operational needs

Find out what you can integrate with the support of our system:
  • Providing electrical and networking solutions for infrastructure development.
  • Creating and implementing local tandem switches for intranet.
  • Creating LAN and HLAN for smaller to larger business segments.